Values Leadership Forums & More

Leaders are immersed in experiences of undeniable life-changing impact as they meet with local leaders and use their expertise to bring about lasting and sustainable change both domestically and internationally.

The primary focus of GiANT Experiences is to mobilize business leaders who desire to use their influence to impact the world for good. At the center of this movement is the conviction that purpose-lead business leaders are in a unique position to influence the world through high-impact sustainable solutions. When a business leader is awakened to his calling, his business plays a vital role in impacting families, employees, vendors, customers and the world.

During a GiANT Experience leaders S.E.E. the world: Service, Exchange, Explore.

Executives travel with fellow executives from the United States and participate firsthand in the following:

Making a difference

Uganda reliefWhile on a GiANT Experience, leaders are given an opportunity to serve in local communities.  The concept of servant leadership is uncommon in many parts of the world. Service to others is demonstrated in a variety of ways according to the needs of the host nation. While only a portion of time is spent in direct service to others, this opportunity is considered by many leaders to be the most life-changing component.

Values Leadership Forums

While in country, leaders from the U.S.A. interact with executives from the host nation. This interaction takes place during VALUES LEADERSHIP FORUMS where U.S.A. leaders and country leaders have an opportunity to exchange ideas and share from their area of business expertise. Leaders from the host nation enjoy meeting and interacting with business leaders from the U.S.A.  For some this interaction will occur one-on-one, for others sharing will take place during round table discussions or in the course of an interview style question and answer session. For those desiring to do so, opportunities will be provided to make a presentation to everyone attending the VALUES LEADERSHIP FORUM general sessions.

Relationship building is a critical component of the trip.  It is through personal interaction that lasting relationships are developed which ultimately pave the way to more meaningful and life-changing discussions. The exchange is reciprocated as host country leaders are invited to the U.S.A. for a GiANT Experience.

Leaders from the GiANT Experience are also encouraged to invest time, talent and treasure in the international leaders they meet. This includes coaching, mentoring and possible joint business ventures, led often times through Skype, email and return visits.

In addition to the VALUES LEADERSHIP FORUMS, leaders are often provided behind the scenes access to factories, government agencies and universities during their GiANT Experience!

Sites, Sounds and Adventure

While on the GiANT Experience, leaders also explore exciting and popular tourist sites throughout the country. Gaining a broadened perspective on the world and varied cultures helps further awaken leaders to the scope of impact their lives and companies can have on the entire world.


Doing More Together

GiANT Experiences also serves as an association of like-minded businesses who desire to use their business influence, resources and expertise to impact leaders as they make a lasting difference in the lives of the poor, economically disadvantaged and underprivileged throughout world.
GiANT Circles are non-fee based, self-directed and are encouraged to meet quarterly to share best practices, ideas, collaborate and support one another as it relates to how members seek to have an impact on the world.  Each group is uniquely designed based on the dynamics of the group’s membership. Peer to peer learning is at the heart of GiANT Circle Groups. Members learn from each other, share life and business experiences and strive to use their success for significance.

Typically groups meet quarterly. These gatherings include a national meeting of all GiANT Circle groups as a part of either Catalyst or the Chick-fil-A Leadercast, two visits behind the scenes at a fellow GiANT Circle member’s cause-minded company and travel together as a part of a GiANT Experience.

Through their GiANT Circle, members share best practices for operating an effective cause-minded company focused on such things as the development of employee-based economic solutions that transform lives in local communities throughout the world as well as participate in GiANT Experiences’ trips that utilize their expertise to enrich and impact the world.

In Summary:

GiANT Circles are used to assist leaders in the discovery of how they can use their influence, resources and organizations to impact the lives of local leaders as they impact the poor, economically disadvantaged and underprivileged throughout world. The goal of GiANT Experiences is to be a catalyst that inspires leaders to use their success for significance.

GiANT Experiences provide leaders with opportunities to teach, mentor and train leaders from the developing world and local communities on how to develop and implement values-based leadership skills and sustainable solutions that lead to self-sufficiency and independence.

GiANT Experiences provide venues for leaders from the U.S.A. and the developing world to share and exchange best practices from their lives and organizations that are eradicating poverty, promoting social justice and utilizing employment-based community development solutions.

Experiences abroad include:

  • Cultural leadership exchange
  • Relationship building with leaders from the USA and abroad
  • Visits to local businesses, universities and governments
  • Exploring ventures with aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Developing micro-enterprises
  • Providing sustainable orphanage solutions
  • Pioneering pure water info structures
  • Coordinating hunger relief programs

A typical overseas experience includes interacting three to four days with local leaders, two days adventure and two days travel.

Experiences at home include:

  • Values Leadership Forums
  • Networking with cause-minded companies
  • Mentoring emerging leaders
  • Training through community outreach centers
  • Assisting with local causes

Experiences within the continental United States normally last between one to two days.

Desired Outcomes

The desired outcome of all GiANT Experiences is simple but not easy.

  • Transformed leaders, causes and lives.
  • Expressions of Christlike love and compassion.
  • Impact that touches hand, head and heart.
  • Broader and deeper influence.


While anyone can count the number of seeds in an apple, no one can count the number of apples in a seed.  The power of personal influence is an investment in the lives of others that will grow throughout eternity.  No one can do everything but everyone can do something with the life they have been given.