What might happen if we dared to use our influence to impact the world?

Behind every success story is a person of powerful influence. If not for them, where would we be? Without their influence our lives would have likely taken a different turn.

Despite the influence others have had on our lives, many of us somehow underestimate the impact we can have in the lives of others.

The vision of GiANT Experiences is to awaken leaders to the power of personal influence in order that they might use their lives to impact the world for good.

We have discovered that something happens inside leaders when they escape the everyday and are immersed in high-impact causes with other leaders both domestically and internationally. We know, because it has happened to us.

In 2002, GiANT Experiences founder, Ray Sanders experienced a leader vision tour to Malawi, Africa that forever challenged his worldview and purpose in life.

Like others before him, he was somewhat apprehensive about journeying halfway around the world. But he felt certain that if he dared to go, he might just make a difference. He was not disappointed. But he was surprised.

Not only did he make an impact in the lives of those he met, but they too made a profound difference in his life as well. It was an awakening. An awakening to the difference one life can make in the world. Not just overseas but in the lives of those encountered everyday, everywhere.

During his African experience Ray reflected on his 20-year career as a senior corporate executive. He observed that leaders learned best from shared experiences. Powerful life-changing principles were caught not taught. Seminars, books and conferences certainly had there place but high-impact memorable experiences brought about meaningful and lasting change.

GiANT Experiences impact lives — forever.

Ray was confident he was not alone in his desire. Were there other leaders who had reached the pinnacle and were looking back only to ask, “Is this all there is?” Yes, they had made it to the top of the career ladder, bought the dream home, drove the best cars and enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle. But surely there was more to life than this? Were there other influential leaders who couldn’t help but wonder how they might use their success to make a significant difference in the lives of others?

A Life of Success AND Significance.

Ray with Small BoyRay learned true success included significance. Success without significance was really not success at all. But success need not be forfeited or exchanged in order to find significance. Rather, success could be used as a catalyst for significance as leaders used their lives to influence individuals, families, companies, communities, cultures, nations and the world!  There was only one-way to find out if it was true, go for it!

Over the next seven years, he would travel the world doing what he could to make a lasting impact. Then in 2009 he was inspired and encouraged by family, friends and business partners to launch GiANT Experiences in an effort to multiply the number of leaders awakened to a life of success AND significance – leaders who use their influence to make a difference in the lives of people and causes they touch.

He could not help but dream about what might happen if a group of influential leaders encountered a life-changing experience that awakened them to the power of personal influence. How might such an experience change the way leaders view themselves and the world? What if leaders became catalysts for unprecedented change? It was in his pursuit of exponential impact and through his awakening to the power of personal influence that GiANT Experiences was born!

GiANT Experiences Impact Lives.

GiANT Experiences inspire leaders to GO, GIVE & GROW! It is impossible to do things the way we have always done them and expect different results. GiANT Experiences challenge leaders to GO beyond their comfort zone. To get outside their executive office, experience a diverse world and gain a new perspective.  GiANT Experiences encourage leaders to GIVE of themselves by giving of their time, talent and treasure.  GiANT Experiences inspire leaders to GROW in their influence by inspiring, mentoring and impacting the lives of those they touch.