• CEO of a multi-million dollar organization
  • More than 20 years as a senior corporate executive
  • Served at one of the nation’s most sound financial institutions
  • Member U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms personnel
  • Led a large non-profit organization internationally

Sanders’ background includes business management, social entrepreneurialism, leadership development, publishing, public affairs, marketing, radio, TV, public speaking and fundraising.


ROSS A. HILL – Founding CEO of Bank2.

BRIAN BANKS – CEO of Providence Home Care.

MATTHEW MYERS – Co-founder GiANT Capital.

BRIAN HILL – CEO of Works 24.

JEFF SMITH – President of Sentio Marketing

BOE PARRISH – Chairman/CEO Corporate Care, Inc.   www.

JEFF WILLS– COO, Managing Partner at OptionOne, LLC.

JEREMIE KUBICEK – Co-founder of GiANT Worldwide.


GiANT Experiences is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on recruiting, mobilizing and sending teams of leaders to worthy causes throughout the world whereby the influence and resources of the leaders provides physical, spiritual and emotional relief to those in need.

GiANT Experiences are used to assist leaders in the discovery of how they can use their lives and organizations to impact the lives of the poor and underprivileged throughout world. The goal is for a GiANT Experience to be the catalyst that causes leaders to use their success for significance.

GiANT Experiences provide leaders with opportunities to teach, mentor and train individuals on how to develop and implement sustainable solutions that lead to self-sufficiency and independence.

GiANT Experiences provide venues for leaders from the U.S.A. and the developing world to share and exchange best practices from their lives and organizations that are eradicating poverty, promoting social justice and utilizing employment-based community development solutions.