Inspired by those who have caught the vision, we continue to seek individuals who are passionate about making a difference with their lives by impacting the world.

Are you a leader interested in using your influence to impact the world for good?  Are you interested in partnering with other world changers on initiatives that are transforming lives?

We would certainly love to have you join us on one of our GiANT Experiences trips or at one of our cause-minded company gatherings.

We also recognize that while some may not be able to go physically, they can participate through a one-time gift, monthly contribution or annual financial commitment that has lasting impact.

If you are someone who desires to use your financial resources to partner with high-impact causes and other purpose-driven leaders that are empowering locals through sustainable solutions and self-sufficiency, there are at least two ways to get involved:

Financial Partner Projects provide opportunities to join others on initiatives that are bringing about lasting change. GiANT Experiences endeavors to raise funding with partners, through tax-deductible contributions that empower people to solve challenges of and on their own.

Current GiANT Experiences Partner Projects Include:


young woman oppressedSan Pedro Sula, Honduras is known as the murder capital of the world. Crime and prostitution only make matters worse in many impoverished neighborhoods. GiANT Experiences has established a safe house for young women subject to sexual exploitation and trafficking in the region. Ladies are given an opportunity to break away from the horrors that have haunted their lives.

Through day-to-day living in the safe house they are inspired to become the women they were meant to be. They are encouraged to finish high school, learn a life skill or even complete a college degree in order to live independent and productive lives.

GOAL: $6,000 annually.



The Dr. Henry and Viola Kirkland International Medical Student Scholarship Fund is awarded in recognition of outstanding and compassionate leadership by a medical professional meeting the needs of the marginalized and underserved throughout Africa.

GOAL: $52,000 ($32,000 has been raised to date)

Tom Mboya 1RECIPIENT: Provided to Dr. Tom Mboya in order to further his education as a cardiothoracic surgeon in Africa. Mboya was raised in the bush country of western Kenya. Despite his modest upbringing in an emerging nation, it has been his strong faith, leadership skills and desires to make a difference in the lives of others that has driven him to excel academically, professionally and in life.

Mboya graduated as a medical student from Kenyatta University in December 2013. He completed his medical officer internship at Kiambu District Hospital. He is currently a Medical Officer at Mbagathi District Hospital.

GiANT Experiences recognizes Dr. Mboya’s commitment and strong desire to further his medical education in order to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. We are proud to do our part in helping see this dream become a reality knowing his life will be used to literally save the lives of thousands in the coming years.



Maisha KidsMarsha Orphanage is located near Lake Victoria in western Kenya. The orphanage is committed to bringing hope to the hopeless and light to the darkness among abandoned, orphaned and destitute children.

Current needs include establishing a reliable and clean drinking water system that fosters added economic security. A monetized water kiosk will not only provide water for the orphans but it will also serve as a reliable water source for the surrounding community. Income generated from the kiosk will not only help maintain the equipment but it will also generate income to help sustain the needs of the orphanage.

GOAL: $20,000



GiANT Experiences supports TAK Foundation’s desire for capacity building through training in group dynamics, financial basics, saving and loans, business skills, and specific income generating activities such as baking, animal husbandry, water well drilling, farming and small scale manufacturing.

There is a current need to expand TAK’s existing training facility in order to meet the demands for additional skilled professionals.

GOAL: $7,000

While GiANT Experiences are exclusive to leaders with a passion for using their influence to impact the world for good, teams often love to sponsor university students or other emerging leaders who might not otherwise be able to attend.

An investment in an emerging leader is an investment in exponential life-changing impact.

It is about leaving a living legacy.


For more information about GiANT Experiences’ projects or to learn more about the movement or upcoming events, please contact us today!