The GiANT Experiences GiANT Circles Network

GiANT Experiences also serves as an connector of like-minded leaders who desire to use their business influence, resources and expertise to impact leaders as they make a lasting difference in the lives of the poor, economically disadvantaged and underprivileged throughout world.

GiANT Circles are self-directed and are encouraged to share best practices, ideas, collaborate and support one another as it relates to how members seek to have an impact on the world.  Each group is uniquely designed based on the dynamics of the group’s membership. Peer to peer learning is at the heart of GiANT Circle Groups. Members learn from each other, share life and business experiences and strive to use their success for significance.

Certain GiANT Circles groups have traveled together to attend the annual GiANT Leadercast, Catalyst Conference or even participate in an Executive Core group through GiANT Worldwide.

Through their GiANT Circle, members share best practices for operating an effective cause-minded company focused on such things as the development of employee-based economic solutions that transform lives in local communities throughout the world as well as participate in GiANT Experiences’ trips that utilize their expertise to enrich and impact the world.

To learn more about joining or starting a GiANT Experiences GiANT Circle, contact us today!